Easthollow Police Station, October 20th/ 2015.

Taken from the testimony of Officer Henry Fletcher.

“I lost sight of the girl when we went into the swamp woods but I kept running through the trees. I figured I had the advantage because I had the flashlight, while she was just running around in the dark.”

“But she outran you to the house.”

“Yes. When I reached the tree line and had a visual on the house I heard the music coming from the inside and I realized the girl wasn’t lying. That’s when I saw the flash and heard the gunshot.”

“You called for backup around 10:15. Is that correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“Why didn’t you wait for the others to arrive before going in?”

“What do you mean why didn’t I wait? Someone had been shot! According to the Bowen girl’s testimony there were at least seven others in the house that could be also in need of assistance so don’t give me shit about going in and trying to save people which happens to be my job!”

“Please detail the events that took place once you entered the house.”

“First thing, I stumbled upon the bodies in the foyer. I kneeled to check them for vitals but they were already gone. I combed the rest of the first floor for survivors but it was empty, so I reasoned that if there was anyone left, they must be on the second floor and that’s where I went. The music was too loud, anything besides that had to be even louder, and that’s why I didn’t hear the struggle. I was at the bottom of the stairs when the girl fell from the second floor. I ran upstairs and saw the Bowen girl, she was bleeding on the ground, she had been stabbed. I ran to her and put her arm around me to help her up the floor and out of the house but she refused to leave.”

“Why is that?”

“She was frantic and hard to understand even more because of the music. But she kept trying to get to the attic. I turn towards her to calm her down and assure her help was on the way but she just looked at me with wild eyes. That’s when I felt this sharp pain in my back, followed by two more stings and my whole body went numb. The world went sideways as I fell to the ground.”

“You were stabbed  three times in the back by Richard Beekman.”

“I tried to get back up but my body wasn’t responding and my vision began to blur. The last thing I remember before blacking out was Richard Beekman dragging the Bowen girl away.”

In 2015 the Easthollow police department raided the Corebau mansion in the depths of the Louisiana swamp. Inside they rescued Meagan Wilkerson, missing since two thousand and eight ; Surrey Stevens and Coraline White, missing since two thousand and three and Lisa Bowen, missing since two thousand thirteen. Police also recovered the dead bodies of Vera Cullen, Sarabeth Sarandon, Richard Beekman and Patricia “Patsy” Williams, kidnapped last April after the murder of her parents during a home invasion, and other twenty five unidentified bodies in a makeshift cemetery a few feet from the house. Stanley Corbeau and three others were taken into custody and are currently awaiting trial at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.


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